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Taller de Danza and Private Tango, Dance Classes & Lessons in Mendoza Argentina


Hello! My name is Paula. I have extensive experience tutoring Tango Dance in Argentina and abroad.
My students come from all over the world to improve their Tango Dance skills or just to learn this Dance and awareness of the Argentine society and culture. As the lessons are tailor-made for your particular needs, you can expect great advancement within a short period of time, and focus your study on any aspect of the Dance. I teach all levels from Beginners to Advanced as well as for specific tests. Your first lesson can be used to assess your level of Argentine Tango Dance and what type of lessons you need to have.

Ever wanted to learn to dance? Don´t miss the chance to have a tango experience here if you came to Argentina. Get an early start on a New Year’s resolution tonight @ Paula. Argentine tango lessons will be available at 7:30 p.m.
No prior dance experience is necessary. Come dressed in your most creative tango fashions and dance to traditional and neo-tango music.

I believe that you can learn and enjoy dancing tango, even those you think they cannot dance! This is why we only work for you have good lessons where we can give you all the attention you need.

I dance also work generating contacts - on cultural projects, independently and in conjunction with organizations / Mainly I work on initiatives related to music and dance, or integrate them with other artistic disciplines. Thanks to all teachers, artists and human beings with gifts and talents I've ever known. I thank them for having forged in me the ability to perceive the true path that always links me to the essentials of life. / Thanks to the dance, which is a form of meditation, worship and devotion that moves me most, because I could count on her to get ahead in life, and be here today to convey to me what has meant the path to liberation . It's all I have, what I am and what I can deliver. Initial part of my rebate. I'm still on track for continued growth and work optimally with the transformation we need. Hugs, and PEACE. Paula - Jerónima 09

I charge USD 25,00 per hour

Contact me: Email:

Argentine Tango, Salsa Classes y Taller de Danza, Dance Lessons in Mendoza Argentina.

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